Sun Joe SJFP30 30-Inch Round Steel Fire Pit w/Dome Screen and Poker

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Product Description

FIRE UP. Get cozy this fall with the Sun Joe® Fire Joe 30-inch steel fire pit (model SJFP30). Fire Joe is an ideal outdoor centerpiece for keeping family and friends warm and entertained outdoors when the temperatures start to drop. Featuring a large 29.5-inch fire bowl that is heat-resistant to 1,022 °F, the Sun Joe® Fire Joe can accommodate hardwood logs up to 21.5-inches long. Safely enjoy the fire pit experience with the included wire mesh screen, which protects against flying sparks while providing an open view of the fire. Plus, the 24-inch screen hook lets you safely remove the screen while the fire is burning to add or adjust logs as needed.


Boasting a durable and visually appealing steel base, Fire Joe adds a sophisticated touch to any outdoor décor. GET EQUIPPED® to get warm and cozy with the Sun Joe® Fire Joe 30-inch steel fire pit and create a wonderful outdoor experience for all to enjoy.

  • Ideal outdoor centerpiece for warmth and enjoyment
  • Durable steel base withstands extreme heat (up to 1,022 ºF) and weather
  • Large 29.5 in. (75 cm) fire bowl accommodates hardwood logs up to 21.5 in. (54.6 cm) long
  • Wire mesh screen protects against sparks and provides an open view of the fire
  • 24 in. (61 cm) screen hook included for safe removal of screen while the fire is burning
  • Mosquito-Safe Tip: Add sage, lemon balm, or citronella leaves to your fire pit to help repel mosquitos